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Maintenance Plan Development

Jacquot, J. A survey of research projects in maintenance optimisation for electricite de France power plants.
Plant Systems/Components Aging Management American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pressure Vessels and Piping Division (Publication) PVP v 332 1996. ASME, New York, NY, USA. p 83-88.
(J0001-97) Reliability Centered Maintenance.
Nuclear power plants; Reliability; Maintenance; Standardization; Risk assessment; Accident prevention; Cost effectiveness; Engineering research; Optimization; Plant management.


Jha,U.N.; Bhatele, J.P.; Ray,D.M.; Nafde, K & Anand, S.C. Maintenance practices in Bokaro Steel Plant.
Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels v 44 n 10-11 Oct-Nov. p 347-354 1996.
(J0004-97) Maintenance Plan Development.
Iron and steel plants; Maintenance; Failure analysis; Database systems;  Management information systems; Reliability.


Kapler,J.; Xie,J.; Stein, J.; & Anders, G. Cost assessment of maintenance alternatives on generators with stator winding water leaks.
IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference Record, IEMDC 1997. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA,97TH8282. p WB1 4.1-4.3 1997.
(K0009-97) Maintenance Plan Development.
Electric generators; Electric machine insulation; Stators; Probability; Cost accounting; Repair; Maintenance; Computer software; Decision making; Trees (mathematics).


Lui, J.N.K. & Sin, K.Y. Fuzzy neural networks for machine maintenance in mass transit railway system.
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks v 8 n 4 Jul 1997. p 932-941 1997.
(L0002-97) Maintenance Strategies Used Based; Maintenance Models.
Mass transportation; Maintenance of way; Neural networks; Fuzzy
control; Genetic algorithms.


Van der Duyn Schouten, F.A., & Scarf, P.A. Eleventh EURO summer institute: Operational research models in maintenance.
European Journal of Operational Research. 00 (1997) 491-492.
(V0005-97) Reliability Centered Maintenance, Maintenance Models.