Maintenance Performance Measurement

Berg, M. Performance comparisons for maintained items.
ZOR/Mathematical methods of operations research v45 n3 p377-385 1997.
(B0007-97) Maintenance Performance Measurement.
Maintenance; Performance; Optimization; Costs; Mathematical models; Random processes; Probability.


MacDonald, S.; McIntyre, M.; Dai, H; Thompson, W. & Macdonald, G. Using the PAW/PEM monitoring systems to support operations at point Lepreau.
Proceedings - Annual Conference, Canadian Nuclear Association v 1 1997. Canadian Nuclear Assoc, Toronto, Ont, Can. 12p.
(M0001-97) Performance Based Techniques.
Nuclear power plants; Information management; Management information systems; Expert systems; Reactor cores; Accident prevention; Monitoring; Maintenance.


Pintelon, L. & Puyvelde, F. Maintenance performance reporting systems: some experience.
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering v3 n1 p 4-15 1997.
(P0001-97) Maintenance Performance Measurement.
Maintenance; Performance; Management; Measurements; Operations research; Systems engineering.


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