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Blanchard, B.S. An enhanced approach for implementing total productive maintenance in the manufacturing environment.
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering. Vol 3 No2 1997, pp 69-80.
(B0003-97) Maintenance Models.
Maintenance; Manufacture; Efficiency; Productivity; Costs; Product design; Factory automation; Evaluation.


Dekker ,R & Wildeman, R.E. A review of Multi-Component Maintenance Models with Economic Dependence
ZOR/Mathematical Methods of Operations Research v45 n3 p 411 -435 1997.
(D0003-97) Maintenance Models.
Maintenance; Mathematical models; Planning; Optimization; Availability; Economics.


Redmond, D.F; Christer, A.H.; Rigden, S.R.; Burley, E.; Tajelli, A. & Abu-Taie, A.O.R. modelling of the deterioration and maintenance of concrete structures.
European Journal of Operational Research v 99 n 3 Jun 16 p 619-631 1997.
(R0001-97) Maintenance Models; Condition Based.
Operations research; Mathematical models; Maintenance; Defects; Concrete bridges; Concrete construction; Inspection; Cracks; Spalling; Optimization.


Vaurio, J.K. On time-dependent availability and maintenance optimisation of standby units under various maintenance policies.
Reliability Engineering & System Safety v 56 n 1 Apr p 79-89 1997.
(V0003-97) Maintenance models
Reliability theory; Economics; Availability; Aging of materials; Maintenance.



Wildeman, R.E.; Dekker, R. & Smit, A.C.J.M. A dynamic policy for grouping maintenance activities.
European Journal of Operational Research v 99 n 3 Jun 16 p 530-551 1997.
(W0005-97) Maintenance Model.
Dynamic programming; Maintenance; Planning; Costs; Mathematical models; Supervisory personnel.


Williams, G.B. & Hirani, R.S. A delay time multi-level on-condition preventive maintenance inspection model based on constant base interval risk – when inspection detects pending failure.
International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture v37 n6 Jun p 823-836 1997.
(W0006-97) Maintenance Model
Machine components; Maintenance; Inspection; Failure (mechanical); Computer Mathematical models; Computer simulation; Optimization software.


Wang, W. Subject estimation of the delay time distribution in maintenance modelling.
European Journal of Operational Research v 99 n 3 Jun 16 p 516-529 1997.
(W0001-97) Maintenance Models.
Maintenance; Inspection; Mathematical models; Probability; Failure
(mechanical); Estimation; Decision making.


Wijnmalen, D.J.D & Hontelez, J.A.M. Co-ordination condition-based repair strategies for components of a multi-component maintenance system with discounts.
European Journal of Operational Research v 98 n 1 Apr 1. p 52-63 1997.
(W0004-97) Maintenance Model.
Operations research; Maintenance; Repair; Strategic planning; Costs;

Heuristic methods; Algorithms; Markov processes; Computational complexity; Iterative methods.