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Beattie,S. Circuit breaker condition assessment by vibration and trip coil analysis.
IEE Colloquium (Digest) n 186 1996. IEE, Stevenage, Engl. p 9/1-9/5 1996.
(B0005-97) Vibration Techniques.
Electric circuit breakers; Electric coils; Electric power distribution; Outages; Electric currents; Equipment testing; Maintenance.


Fahr, A.& Forsyth, D.S. Results of a round robin inspection reliability study.
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal v 43 n 1 Mar p 6-10 1997.
(F0001-97) Repair Techniques.
Nondestructive examination; Disks (machine components); Aircraft engines; Reliability; Inspection; Probability; Cracks; Fatigue of materials.


Hegner, H.R. & Nemarich, C.P. Diagnostic technique and sensor selection for shipboard machinery condition based maintenance systems.
Instrumentation in the Aerospace Industry : Proceedings of the International
Symposium v 43 1997. Instrument Society of America, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA. p 711-725.
(H0001-97) Condition based maintenance techniques.
Maintenance; Machinery; Sensors; Monitoring; Measurements; Error detection; Performance; Failure analysis.


Jones,D. Inspection : the key to a reliable future - Part 1.
Pipes and Pipelines International v 42 n 2 Mar-Apr p 32-43 1997.
(J0005-97) Repair Techniques.
Pipelines; Inspection; Defects; Corrosion; Probability; Failure analysis; Cost effectiveness; Maintenance.


Kumar, A & Waldron, K.J. The dextrous Workspace.
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 345 E 47 28 - Oct 1 1980.
(K0007-97) Repair Techniques.


Larder, B.D. An analysis of hums vibration diagnostic capabilities.
Annual Forum Proceedings - American Helicopter Society v 2 American Helicopter Soc, Alexandria, VA, USA. p 1308-1315 1997.
(L0001-97) Vibration Techniques.
Helicopters; Aircraft propulsion; Drives; Vibrations (mechanical); Vibration control.


Meeuwsen, J.J. & Kling, W.L. Effects of preventive maintenance on circuit breakers and protection systems upon substation reliability.
Electric Power Systems Research v 40 n 3 Mar p181-188 1997.
(M0003-97) Condition Based.
Electric substations; Electric circuit breakers; Electric power; Distribution; Electric fault currents; Reliability; Probability; Natural frequencies; Maintenance.


Okabe, S.; Koto, M.; Nara, T.; Suganuma, K. & Takahashi, K. Deterioration characteristics of power capacitors with oil-impregnated paper or film.
Electrical Engineering in Japan (English translation of Denki Gakkai Ronbunshi) v119 n2 Apr 30 p1-9 1997.
(O0001-97) Condition Based.
Capacitors; Deterioration; Plastic films; Polypropylenes; Insulating oil; Degradation; Insulating materials; Partial discharges; Gases.


Spoerre, J.K. Application of the cascade correlation algorithm (CCA) to bearing fault classification problems.
Computers in Industry v 32 n 3 Mar. p 295-304 1997.
(S0006-97) Vibration Techniques.
Algorithms; Neural networks; Failure analysis; Machinery; Monitoring; Vibrations (mechanical); Learning systems; Maintenance; Manufacture.


Stone, G.C. & Kapler, J. Condition-based maintenance for the electrical windings of large motors and generators.
IEEE Conference Record of Annual Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Conference 1997. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA,96CH35892. p 57-63 1997.
(S0008-97) Condition Based Maintenance Techniques.
Stators; Electric motors; Electric generators; Paper and pulp mills; Failure analysis; Maintenance.