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Alfredsson, P. Optimisation of multi-echelon repairable item inventory systems with simultaneous location of repair facilities.
European Journal of Operational Research 99 (1997) 584-595.
(A0001-97) Inventory Management.
Inventory; Repairable item; Test equipment; Repair.


Beehler, M.E. Reliability Centered maintenance for transmission systems.
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery vol12 No2 April p1023-1028 1997.
(B0006-97) Maintenance Models.
Electric power transmission; Electric utilities; Electric load management; Maintenance; Reliability.


Inozu,B.; Schaedel, P.G & Karaszewki, Z.J. Reliability, availability, Maintainability (RAM) Database/shipnet of the ship operations co-operative program: a status report from panel M-41
Transactions - Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers v 104 1996. Soc of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, Jersey City, NJ, USA. p 451-473

Publication Year: 1996

(I0001-97) Maintenance Logistics.
Shipbuilding; Reliability; Availability; Maintainability; Database systems; Accident prevention; Cost effectiveness.


De Boer, R.; Schutten, J.M.J. & Zijm, W.H.M. A decision support system for ship maintenance capacity planning.
CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology v 46 n 1 p 391-396 1997.
(D0001-97) Maintenance Scheduling.
Decision support systems; Algorithms; Process control; Strategic planning; Maintenance; Scheduling; Computer aided manufacturing; Resource allocation; Constraint theory; Database systems.

English, P. Planning scheduling, execution smooth maintenance shutdowns.
Pulp & Paper v 71 n 7 July p 93-96 1997.
(E0003-97) Maintenance Logistics
Paper and pulp mills; Plant shutdowns; Strategic planning; Scheduling; Cost effectiveness; maintenance; personnel; work simplification; Delay control systems; Plant management.


Takata, S.; Shiono, H.; Hiraoka, H. & Asama, H. Case-based evaluation of potential deterioration for facility life-cycle management.
CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology v 46 n 1 p 385-390 1997.
(T0001-97) Equipment maintainability; Maintenance Scheduling; Maintenance
Administration (Planning).
Production control; Maintenance; Expert systems; Algorithms; Strategic planning.