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Failure Analysis

Arts, R.H.P.; Saxena, A & Knapp, G.M. Estimation of distribution parameters of mixed failure mode data.

Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering v3 n2 p120-135, 1997.

(A0002-97) Statistical Renewal (Weibull Analysis).
Maintenance; Parameter estimation; Failure analysis; Risks; Reliability.


Ascher, H. E. & Kobbacy, K. A. H. Modelling preventive maintenance for deteriorating repairable systems.
IMA Journal of Mathematics applied in Business & Industry (1995) 6, 85-99.
(A0003-97) Repairable System


Baker, R.D.; Scarf, P.A. & Wang, W. A delay-time for repairable machinery :maximum likelihood estimation of optimum inspection intervals.
IMA Journal of mathematics applied in Business & Industry (1997) 8, 83-92.
(B0002-97) Repairable System


Bartsch, R.R. Atlas reliability analysis.
Digest of Technical Papers-IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference v 1
1995. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA,95CH35833. p 417-422 .
(B0004-97) Renewal ( Weibull Analysis).
Electric generators; Capacitors; Weibull distribution; Probability; Failure analysis; Reliability; Electric insulation.




Bodsberg,L. & Hokstad, P. Transparent reliability model for fault-tolerant safety systems.
Reliability Engineering and System Safety v55 n1 Jan p25-38 (1997).
(B0008-97) Failure Analysis.
Fault tolerant computer systems; Reliability; Mathematical models; Security systems; Failure analysis; Redundancy; Accident prevention.


Chan, L; Mui, L. & Woo, C. Reliability analysis and maintenance policy of radiators for a large fleet of buses.
Quality and Reliability Engineering International v13, n3 May-Jun 117-126 1997.
(C0001-97) Renewal (Weibull Analysis).
Radiators; Fleet operations; Bus transportation; Failure analysis; Maintenance; Weibull distribution; Reliability; Cooling systems; Computational methods.


Christer, A.H. & Lee, S.K. Modelling ship operational reliability over a mission under regular inspections.
Journal of the Operational Research Society v48 n7 Jul, p668-699 1997.
(C0005-97) Failure Analysis Repairable Systems.
Inspection; Maintenance; Ships; Reliability; Failure (mechanical); Mathematical models; Scheduling; Cost effectiveness; Freight transportation.


El-Damcese, M.A. Suggested procedure for preventive maintenance policy.
Microelectronics and Reliability v 37 n 8 Aug p 1173-1177 1997.
(E0002-97) Renewal (Weibull Analysis).
Microelectronics; Maintenance; Optimisation; Cost effectiveness.


Jardine,A.K.S.; Banjevic,D & Makis,V. Optimal replacement policy and the structure of software for condition-based maintenance.
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering v 3 n 2. p 109-119 1997.
(J0003-97) Proportional Hazards.
Maintenance; Computer software; Decision making; Inspection; Computer simulation; Failure analysis; Data structures.


Kobbacy, K.A.H., Proudlove,N.C. & Harper, M.A. Towards an intelligent maintenance optimisation system.
Journal of the Operational Research Society. 46, 831-853(1995).
(K0003) Maintenance performance measurement. Quantitative Techniques.
Failure analysis. Statistical.
Maintenance; Decision support systems; Optimisation, Mathematical Models. Knowledge-based systems. Pattern recognition, Robustness (control system)


Kobbacy ,K.A.H.; Fawzi, B.B. & Percy,D.F. A full history proportional hazards model for preventive maintenance scheduling.
Quality and Reliability Engineering International 13, 187-198 (1997).
(K0004-97) Proportional Hazards.
Maintenance planning, Preventive maintenance modelling; Maintenance scheduling, Proportional hazards models.


Kobbacy, K.A.H.; Percy,D.F. & Fawzi, B.B. Small data sets and preventive maintenance modelling.
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering v3 n2 p136-142 1997.
(K0005-97) Failure Analysis Statistical Data analysis, Maintenance strategies.
Maintenance; Data structures; Database systems; Information management; Computer simulation; Industry.


Kumar,D. & Westberg,U. Maintenance scheduling under age replacement policy using proportional hazards model and TTT-plotting.
European Journal of Operational Research v 99 n3 p507-515 1997.
(K0006-97) Proportional Hazards.
Maintenance; Scheduling; Mathematical models; Failure (mechanical); Reliability; Estimation; Costs.


Luxhoj, J.T. & Shyur, H. Comparison of proportional hazards models and neural networks for reliability estimation.
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing v 8 n 3 Jun p 227-234 1997.
(L0003-97) Proportional Hazards.
Computer aided manufacturing; Reliability; Neural networks; Mathematical models; Service life; Regression analysis; Pattern recognition; Dielectric properties of solids; Integrated circuit testing; Parameter estimation.


Christer, A.H., The delay time concept and its applications.
3rd International Conference of Maintenance Societies . Paper 001 p1-11.
(C0004-97) Integrated Failure Data Analysis.
Delay time; Maintenance modelling.