Equipment Reliability

Tan, Z. Reliability and availability analysis of two-unit warm standby microcomputer systems with self-reset function and repair facility.
Microelectronics and Reliability v 37 n 8 Aug p 1251-1253 1997.
(T0002-97) Equipment Reliability
Microcomputers; Reliability; Availability; Maintenance; Failure analysis


Vagenas, N.; Runciman, N. & Clèment, S.R. A methodology for maintenance analysis of mining equipment.
International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment v 11 n 1 p 33-40 1997.
(V0001-97) Statistical; Equipment reliability.
Mining equipment; Maintenance; Availability; Reliability; Data reduction;
Graphic methods; Statistical methods; Failure analysis; Mathematical models.


Smith, M.A.J. & Dekker, R. Preventive maintenance in a 1 out of n system : The uptime, downtime and costs.
European Journal of Operational Research v 99 n 3 Jun 16 p 565-583 1997.
S0005-97) Equipment reliability.
Maintenance; Reliability; Costs; Approximation theory; Optimization;
Mathematical models; Failure (mechanical); Machinery



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